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Sorry I haven’t been posting anything. Between school, work and social life I’ve found it hard lately to post. I’m undergoing many changes and forming different outlooks in life. I’m changing spiritually and really redefining myself. Life is great but I just need time to refocus and concentrate my efforts on one task at a time. I’m going to discontinue the blog for now in hopes of relaunching it when the time is right. Thank all of you for your support.

Artist of the Week: Lorine Chia


For the first edition of “Artist of the Week” I am proud to present to you the amazing Lorine Chia. The Cameroonian songstress exudes a passion in her music that seems almost nonexistent in most present day artists. In about five years of seriously pursuing music Lorine has gained comparisons with the late Amy Winehouse and is truly a breath of fresh air to the ears of any music enthusiast. My infatuation with Ms. Lorine began in the winter of last year when I stumbled across her first full-length project Lorine. The project includes fan favorites such as Crazy Things, Can We,and Broken Promises. Lorine is preparing for the release of her new project Naked Truths and in the meantime has provided fans with a handful of singles and song covers. Including a beautiful cover of Billie Holiday’s “Strange Fruit” over a dazzling piano rendition that rivals Holiday’s original version. Lorine possesses a soulful, rich voice and a talent for music that may be unmatched amongst this era of artists. I can confidently say that the future holds endless successes for her and the only thing separating her from stardom is time. Make sure to support her and her upcoming project Naked Truths upon its release on October 15th and check out the stream of Lorine below:

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The CDQ of the lead single ”U & Me & Eveyone We Know” by the amazing Jean Grae off her upcoming album Cake or Death. Soulful instrumentation and great lyriscim provides a truly pure listening experience. Just what we need more of. Beautiful sounds with even better content. This song means a lot to me.Hopeful you make similar connections.

The first installation. This video first introduced me to the incredibly talented Jean Grae. A beautiful live performance of “U & Me & Everyone We Know” on Sway In The Morning. A lead single from her delayed album Cake or Death. Music is universal. The perfect example of the joy it can spread. True artistry. Enjoy.

So today is the beginning of something new. Music. The one thing that has kept me sane throughout all these troubling times. I’ve decided to share it. The music that makes me smile. That fills me with inspiration. I want to give that to you all. Introduce you to something new. Or maybe reintroduce you to the music you fell in love with. So today Just Derrick becomes just about music.

Black is beautiful.

Black is beautiful.

July 4th

A month or so since my last post. It’s really funny how life pans out. To me life is just basically broken down into seasons. Any situation only lasts for so long. Everything that we go through, the emotions that we feel, the ideas and aspirations that fuel our lives. All of these things change over time. Time is the only constant. In such a short time period SO much can change. Going back to my first post I was in a really bad mind space but I’m ecstatic about where I am in life right now. There’s this sense of calm. For the first time since I can last remember I’m at peace. With everything. I look forward to what God has in store with me. The idea is to capitalize on where I’m at right now. To use this time as creatively as I can. With all of the great things that I plan to do, the only thing that I know is that I’m not that far. Every detail thought, every word written, every second spent has pushed me closer to reaching my dream. A plan is in place. All that’s left to do is execute. A million dollars isn’t far fetched.

most awkward first post ever

I’ve spent a day in its entirety thinking of what I could possibly say to capture you all’s interest. What could I say that’s entertaining enough to keep you coming back for more? How about I talk about how much money I’d like you to think I have or a car I’d like you to think that I drive? I could pretend to be something that I’m completely not. Someone that everyone loves. Someone who women flock to. Someone without a problem in the world. Or what if I went completely against the grain and just let you all see me? For who I truly am? What if I told you I was a college student with no real direction? An aspiring music artist with no solid musical skills? Or an aspiring fashion designer with no type of artistic ability? What if I told you I was heartbroken? That I had lost the woman who I’d been in love with since 14 just months before the day I was going to propose? What if I told you I was just a regular guy in hopes that in some magical way it was enough to capture your attention, even just for a second? What if I just gave you me with no filter? How about if I posted my hopes and dreams with you?  Just hoping that my passion was felt. That my vision was seen. What if I shared my interests with you and my innermost thoughts? What if for the first time in my life I was just myself? Just for you all? No filter. No mask. No shield. What if that was enough? What if I was just Derrick?